Teaching Treaty Ed

In most school systems there is not one classroom in which all the students are of the same one race, there is diversity within any classroom you look at however this does not mean every race is going to be in every classroom. Regardless of the races upon the students in a classroom these students will eventually branch out into the real world in scenarios outside of school and will run into people of different races. That being said it is important that in our classrooms we are showing representations as well as knowledge and awareness towards all races, minority or majority races. Especially in a place like Saskatchewan, it is important that we are educating our students on their races and other races as well as the history attached to each and every one of these in order to come to the conclusion and fully explain to our students how we really are all treaty people.  

To my understanding, the idea of “We are all treaty people” in a classroom setting and within the curriculum means integrating the knowledge of Canadas history and the different people and races within our country which connects us all as well as fully understanding how we are all treaty people. In our schools through teaching treaty education we are educating all students regardless of their background knowledge or where they come from and bring them into the bigger picture helping them fully understand their history as well as Canada’s history to bring the sense of connectedness in the classroom as well as teaching treaty ed to students who do not come of Indigenous background and making sure they understand that although they may not come from this background it still is part of their history and our future, making us all treaty people.

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